CloudBeds PMS Integration


Last Update 9 months ago

In this article, we will walk you through the steps to connect Hotelitix, a powerful automated Revenue Management System (RMS), available on the CloudBeds Marketplace. Following these steps will help you make the most of the RMS capabilities and enhance your property's performance.

About the integration

The integration allows Hotelitix to receive reservation messages and inventory from CloudBeds and return optimized rate decisions back to the PMS.
CloudBeds users can expect to benefit from:
- A dedicated Revenue Management platform
- Automated / Manual / Hybrid rate management
- Built-in rate shopping for comp set and regional market.
- Access to powerful business insight and analytics tools to help with tracking booking pace and pickup
- Data visualization to better understand trends, lead time and optimal positioning.

Sign up for a Hotelitix RMS subscription

CloudBeds PMS hotel users are required to first sign up for a Hotelitix subscription by contacting [email protected], where you will be assisted by a Hotelitix representative. The sign up process is simple and generally consists of a 30 minute demo and a quick subscription agreement if you would like to move forward. 
After signing up for a Hotelitix subscription, you will receive login credentials for the RMS. You will need these credentials to successfully connect the RMS to your CloudBeds PMS.

Connect the App

CloudBeds PMS / Accounts / Apps & Integrations / Marketplace

Step 1: Log in to your CloudBeds PMS and navigate to Account on the top right corner and head to the Apps & Marketplace page. This is where you can explore and connect various third-party applications to enhance your property's functionality. 

Step 2: Use the search bar to find Hotelitix and click on it to access more details. Click the Connect button within the Hotelitix marketplace listing to initiate the connection.

You will be prompted to grant permissions for the RMS app to access your CloudBeds data. Review the permissions requested and click Authorize / Connect to proceed.

Step 3: After authorizing the connection you will be redirected to the Hotelitix login page. Use the Hotelitix login credentials that you received via email when you signed up for the service. 
Once you have successfully logged in, you will be prompted to verify the CloudBeds property you wish to connect. Enter the name of your CloudBeds property in the designated field and click the Confirm / Verify button to link your Hotelitix account to your specific CloudBeds property.

Congratulations! You have successfully connected Hotelitix to your CloudBeds PMS, taking a significant step toward optimizing your property's revenue management. Hotelitix's advanced features and analytics will now be at your fingertips, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and improve your property's overall performance.

The initial part of the connection will allow Hotelitix to see reservations and inventory from the PMS. Rate updates from Hotelitix to the PMS will be disabled.
During your Hotelitix training session you will receive instructions for how to enable rate uploads to the PMS.

Hotelitix Training

Now that you have successfully connected your RMS you will be able to schedule a training session with your Hotelitix representative. You can reach out to them directly or send an email to [email protected] to get this scheduled.

RMS training will walk you through all of the core functionality of Hotelitix, including:

- Setting up your Competitive Set
- Adjusting rate control limits
- Setting up room rate differentials
- Entering and removing overrides

- Enabling rate updates to the PMS 

This will ensure that you get the most out of your Hotelitix RMS subscription. 


If you wish to disconnect the Hotelitix - CloudBeds connectivity please follow these steps:
1. Notify your Hotelitix representative
2. Head back to Marketplace in your CloudBeds account and follow the PMS steps for disconnecting  

Upon disconnecting, Hotelitix will stop receiving reservation messages and inventory for your property and it will stop pushing rate updates from the RMS to CloudBeds. Keep in mind that rates previously synchronized prior to disconnecting will remain in CloudBeds.

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